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Learn what makes your auditions go from "Blah" to "Bookable" featuring Casting Director GEORGE PIERRE:

Break Down The Types Of Auditions 

Self Tape Hacks

Revealing The Casting Process

Script Analysis Technique 

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This course teaches you how to take your acting from just a hobby and turn it into a career!

Course Guided By Top Agent Jayme Pervis

How To Get An Agent 

Where To Find Auditions

Learn On Set Terminology 

Money, Headshots, and More!


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What if you could stay safe at home, have a virtual reader, and casting never knows?

Set Up Your Self Tape Studio For A Virtual Reader

Programs Needed

Technical Aspects Of Virtual vs In the Room Readers

Editing Your Footage

Make Your Reader Sound Like They Are In The Room

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High quality self tapes are a necessity for successful actors! In this course we break down everything you need:

Create Your Own Self Tape Studio

Equipment Needed

Technical Aspects Of Self Taping

Editing Your Footage

Taping On The Go

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